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How to Become a Substitute at Lenoir City Schools?

**Substitutes are needed for the following positions: Teacher, Clinic Nurse, Custodian, and Food Service

Substitute Job Description

Substitute Pay Scale for 2021-2022


**We ask that you provide at least 3 references and upload them with your substitute application.**

We wanted to make you aware of two pay structure changes that our Board of Education approved for substitute teachers.  These enhancements will last through the end of the school year.


Additional $10 per day at LCHS

Beginning 11/16/2020, substitute teachers who complete assignments at Lenoir City High School will earn an additional supplement of $10 for each day worked.  The supplement will be added to your regular daily rate as a substitute teacher.  The supplement applies to day to day assignments and is not available for long term or interim positions. If you have not worked at LCHS in the past but would be interested in doing this, we are planning some walk through sessions to familiarize you with LCHS.  More information on this will be coming soon.


Bonus pay – all schools

Beginning 11/16/2020, substitute teachers will earn a bonus of $100 for each 20 days worked. Once you complete your 20th day, we will add a $100 bonus to your next paycheck and the count will start again.  Substitutes who work the maximum number of days, could earn up to $600 in bonuses by the end of the school year.  Please note: the bonus is not available for long term or interim positions.


Thank you for the vital role you play in our schools.  You are a key player in making sure that students are able to continue their progress when their teacher can't be with them in the classroom.  You make a difference in our schools and we appreciate and value your efforts.

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