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English Learners

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English Learners

Tennessee’s EL population is increasing significantly, with 45 percent growth in the EL population from 2011 to 2017. In 2016-17, 132 Tennessee districts and 1,451 schools served ELs. Should this growth trajectory continue, we will exceed 60,000 ELs by 2020. These changes in Tennessee’s population will have a significant impact on the educational trends in the state.

Tennessee is committed to ensuring that all students, including English learners, have the opportunity for success in rigorous coursework, access to early postsecondary opportunities, and access to highly effective teachers.



At Lenoir City Schools, our ELL department strives to support and educate all non-native English speakers to become fully proficient in English and to gain an understanding of U.S. cultures so that they can be successful citizens in our dynamic global society. Our ELL classes focus on communication and increasing proficiency in English. Our ELL teachers work closely with content teachers to provide our ELL students with the greatest possible opportunity to achieve academic success.


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