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New Student Registration

*Online registration is for our iLearn Institute ONLY. For registration for Lenoir City Elementary, Lenoir City Intermediate, and Lenoir City High School please contact the school to begin the enrollment process.

Please note: This is not for incoming 9th grade students from North Middle School. Please contact the high school or email for your login information.


To complete an enrollment application for a new student to Lenoir City Schools

  • the first step is to complete the Skyward NSOE account request by accessing the NSOE link
  • Skyward Scripts
  • you will receive an email with your login name and password
  • the next step is to login to Skyward  and complete all steps of the application process – URL - Skyward Staff, Student and Families 
  • See the pictures below for some examples of the individual steps.

Step 1 – Complete an account request

Example of how to Complete an account request

Step 2 – Check your email for your login and password.  

Go to the Lenoir City Schools webpage Lenoir City Schools - Home click on Skyward and this window opens - The Skyward link selections – Click on Skyward Staff, Students, and Families to log in and continue.

Example of which link to click

Step 3 – Login to Skyward Staff, Students and Families to complete the new student enrollment application. All steps must be completed before the application can be processed. If there is more than 1 student to enroll, there will be an add another student tab after the first application is submitted. See example at the end of the document.

Lenoir example new student application form