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Transportation FAQ

  • No. Students must go to a designated pick-up area/bus stop.

  • Kindergarten- 3rd grade generally within 300 meters of their residence

    4th grade- 6th grade generally within 500 meters of their residence

    7th grade – 12th grade generally within 700 meters of their residence

  • Yes if they attend the same school. If they attend different schools, it’s possible that transportation be provided by a different bus and/or at a different time.

  • We determine bus stops according to the number of students in a given territory, their age and route optimization. Whenever possible, students are grouped at a common stop to minimize travel time for all students.

  • Yes. Provided that the center is located in the attendance area of the school system.

  • Parents are fully responsible for their safety and behavior of their children until they get on the bus and also after they get off the bus at the end of the school day.

  • Yes. Unless your child is in kindergarten. A kindergarten student must be met by an adult on his descent from the bus or be accompanied by an older responsible sibling (which will be needed in writing to keep on file) otherwise the child will remain on the bus to be taken back to the school. Parents will have the responsibility to pick them up.

  • Have a plan B. Discuss with a neighbor or friend if he/she can get to the bus stop to meet your child when necessary. Teach your child what to do if you are not present. (ex. Go to a chosen neighbor’s house or put a key in their backpack)

  • The driver must ensure that the bus number is easily seen; he/she follows the route according to the schedule and that students are transported safely. The driver must complete and submit to their supervisor any incident reports if a student has not complied with the Code of Conduct and posted Safety Regulations.

    • Arrive at the bus stop five minutes before scheduled arrival time, properly dressed for the weather
    • Remain at a safe distance from the bus until it is stopped and the door is opened
    • Collaborate with the driver at all times and keep the bus clean
    • Remain seated while the bus is moving and make as little noise as possible (DO NOT SHOUT)
    • Do not put arms, legs or head outside of the windows
    • Do not throw objects or bring large items on the bus
    • Respect others
    • Do not eat or drink on the bus
    • No vandalism will be tolerated. Parents will be financially responsible for any damage caused by their children
    • Use only the bus which the student is assigned
    • The parent is responsible for ensuring that their child knows and respects the rules
  • Yes. A student may get suspended from the bus service for 1 to 5 days if he/she doesn’t comply with the Safety Regulations. The parent is responsible for transporting their child during suspension.

  • Students should report discipline problems or bullying to the driver, the driver will address the situation. Driver will also fill out an incident report for his/her supervisor. Supervisor will take necessary steps to stop such misconduct.

  • You must contact the Transportation Office at 865-986-6150

  • No parent is allowed to board the bus at any time. You can speak to the driver briefly from the door as to not delay the route.