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  • Family Resource Center Services

Information and Referral

  • The Family Resource Center can provide information on agencies and resources available to Loudon County residents.  General information to include child care, preschool, Head Start, legal assistance, health services, housing, and counseling services can be provided. We also have information on how to access emergency assistance with utilities, food, clothing, etc.

School Supplies

  • The Family Resource Center has an extensive inventory of school supplies for both students and teachers. Items include Lysol spray and wipes, Kleenex, comp books, pencils and pens, paper, crayons, erasers, scissors (student), zip lock bags, markers, binders, and much, much more. Clinic supplies include band-aids and cough drops.

Parent Opportunities 

  • Preschool parent camp is offered each August and addresses transition into a school environment, reading, understanding school guidelines and policies, and parent involvement.